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You have come to the perfect place! Here at our goal is simple: provide each and every consumer with the resources to find an inexpensive insurance policy that’s right for them – minus the hassle. We know that getting insurance, though a necessity, can be a costly and painful experience.

Often times, even after numerous hours spent wrestling through the searching process, you will still end up with a sub-standard insurance plan. We can help! is designed to help you find the quintessential plan, while doing all the hard work for you.

There are two things you can do here:

1. Pay less for car insurance. Just enter your zip code into the box at the top of this page to begin a simple process to find a top-rated provider that’s right for you and can save you the most on your car insurance. At the end of the process, your matches will be displayed to you along with the basic discounts they offer and links to their sites. After several minutes, you will be contacted (via email or phone) by these providers with your insurance quotes.

Don’t forget, every insurance plan has their own system of determining quotes, with their own forms for you to fill out – all separately. Making the smart decision to turn to will save you the effort of filling out multiple individual forms, instead providing you with up to five quotes generated from a single site.

2. Do the research required to get all possible discounts. This site offers countless articles and resources to help you learn what you need to know about auto insurance and how to lower your rates. Poke around, read up on the insurance laws in your state, and get familiar with how things work.

Sometimes, simply asking your auto insurance company what benefits are available to you is the best route to take. You may be surprised what you’re missing out on. Some common discounts you may be eligible for include:

– Safety Features

Most safety features are standard (especially in newer vehicles), but insurance companies will still offer discounts for them. If your automobile has daytime running lights, airbags, automatic seat belts, and/or anti-lock brakes, then you may be able to lower your premium. If you are aware of what features your car has, then obtaining these discounts is as simple as contacting your insurance provider.

– Good Driving Record

If you are a driver that has not received a ticket or been the cause of an accident in the last three years, you are eligible for a substantial discount. Additionally, most providers will increase your discount the longer your record remains blemish-free. The company will always verify the cleanliness of your record before applying any discounts.

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– Anti-Theft Devices

The better protected against theft your vehicle is, the lower your premium will be. Car alarms, VIN etched windows, and disabling devices like fuel or ignition cut-off switches are all features that may lead to a discount in your rates. Likewise, vehicles covered by auto security systems like Lojack and On-Star are likely to have a lower insurance premium. Statistically, simply the presence of these items deters theft; a fact found very appealing by insurance companies.

– Multi-Vehicle and/or Multi-Driver Discount

If you own more than one vehicle, look into insuring them on the same policy. Generally, insuring both together leads to a considerable discount. Similarly, insuring multiple drivers on one policy will decrease your premium.

– Multi-Line Discount

Many companies offer homeowners or renters insurance in addition to auto insurance. If your company does, consider combining your plans. Much like insuring multiple cars, insurers will lower your overall premium. This is also applicable if you own an insured boat or motorcycle.

– Safety Classes

Some states offer insurance discounts if you have taken a defensive driving or car safety course. These courses are also capable of lowering your license points if you have a poor driving record.

– Military

Active or retired military members may be eligible for a price reduction. There are other special discounts designed for personnel who are on-duty overseas.


Members of these and other organizations can receive affinity discounts. Inquire with your insurer about whether your affiliation makes you eligible for a rate reduction.

– Occupation

Statistics support that people in particular professions are less likely to make insurance claims, and as such, can get lower insurance rates. This is primarily based upon the amount of driving one does. If your job requires a lot of travel, you become more of a liability, whereas someone simply sitting in an office for eight hours a day is much less likely to become a part of a collision. Additionally, those in possession of a college degree are deemed less of a hazard, and may be able to lower their premium.

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